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Update on the WIP Momo and Appa Animation (the one in which I am most likely nuts) lol

So to recap - I am doing a fun little monthly contest, this time it is animation (you pick the theme), and because I appear to utterly incapable of doing something simple I am using Momo and Appa from Avatar the Last Airbender (I loved the animated series). Because ones first real walk cycle attempt should TOTALLY be with a 6 legged Bison. I've also never rigged before so I have been driving a few people mad (I am sure, even though they are nice about it) by asking a lot of questions (because why watch the full tutorial BEFORE you do something). Anyway, here is the walk cycle for Appa (early stage, still need body movement.) There is a plan for a story, hopefully I finish it in time. (The white cylinders will be trees later, was using them for blocking purposes) LINK HERE Enjoy!