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Hand Paint texturing - colour picker not picking up

Help! so I'm painting on an existing texture created in PS and trying touch up in Blender, whenever I press S it picks the colour but whenever I start to paint it pops back to the last colour? the eyedropper from the colour seems to work, but the S hotkey won't? is this an issue/bug? Thanks

  • Hey keiko Not sure what version of Blender you have. I didn't upload this texture from photoshop so I don't really have a lot to work with in troubleshooting the exact issue but in Blender 2.83 on Windows 10 I am able to sample with 's' all day and the color holds what I sampled on my next line draw.

    Perhaps a screen record or screenshot and info about the blender version and OS would help. You can also upload your .blend file to dropbox or google drive and post a shareable link to try and troubleshoot the issue further. You might need to pack the images into the blend file so that it saves with it.

  • Thanks, you are right :) I'm using Blender  2.90, I know what went wrong. every time I press S, I click on the colour so it reverts back, rather than just S then paint. Thanks for the help, you're awesome :)