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Combining Sculpted Meshes


I am wondering if anyone knows how to combine sculpted Meshes into a single Object. I attempted this myself, but the mirror modifiers for thje Right and Left Meshes were offset and the Joined Meshes were not properly joined for refining and later retopology.

Could someone point me in the right direction, please?

Here is the google drive link if you are interested in helping out. (Updated with ears)


File also attached below.

  • You could use the "Bool Tool" which is integrated in Blender but has to be activated in Blender's "Preferences":

    Select the meshes which you want to join in   "Object Mode"   and press in the   "Properties Panel" 's   "Edit Tab"   under   "Boolean Tool" => "Auto Boolean" the "Union" button. This joins the meshes (applying all modifiers on the choosen objects) under the name of the object which you selected last:

    • Thanks! I will give it a try. (Looks like I gave yall the wrong file, but from your advice, I think it would not matter anyway.)

    • One new issue, Having used Bool Tool Union, I now have seemingly random objects dissappearing after attempting to use Bool Tool. What should I be looking out for to trouble shoot this new issue?


    • Which objects are randomly disappearing? Do you have a screenshot? I've tried it joining everything with the "Upper Torso":

      Maybe, it's the modifiers that are causing trouble. Select all parts and select in "Object Mode" under "Object" => "Convert to"  the entry "Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text" which is an easy way to collapse the modifier stacks on all selected objects:

      If "Bool Tool" still doesn't work for you, you can now join the parts manually with CTRL + J under the name of the part selected last.:

      The "Lower Torso" front looks now transparent which indicates an incorrect face normals orientation pointing inside the mesh instead of outside:

      Tab into "Edit Mode", select everything and recalculate the normals outside with SHIFT + N so that it looks in "Object Mode" with "Face Orientation" overlay like this:

      In "Sculpt Mode" (after saving your current version) press the "Remesh" button in the "Remesh" dropdown menu:

      If the newly created mesh is too coarse for you, repeat the same with a smaller "Voxel Size" using your saved version from the previous step or after undoing the remeshing. The mesh with the default settings should now look like this: 

      A voxel size of 0.025m should provide enough detail without risking extremely long calculations:

    • So, as far as what usually went missing: it was either the Lower Mouth or the Groin (as seen below).

      I will follow your advice above and see where I get.

    • So after much trial and error, I figured out how it would work for me. I selected each piece and then the next, applying Bool Tool Union each time. I worked my way up to the head and eventually had it working.

      Thank you for your help, it has been much appredciated.

    • I'm looking forward to see your finished model  😀. It already looks great 👍!

    • I'm running with a RTX 1060 3GB, so the final result may take some time to reach. Lol

  • ccjolson The remesher also joins multiple objects together super easy but you may lose topology detail (you can adjust remeshed resolution though. You can join all objects together with Ctrl + J and then go to the Object Data Properties and you have the remesh menu to make use of: