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Using Blender with two or more monitors?

So, I finally caved and bought a Wacom Cyntiq. Usually, although I have multiple monitors, I always used Blender on 1 of them, because using 32" monitors, 1 is enough... BUT now that I have the 24" Cyntiq Pro, I am curious if one can view/use Blender on 2 separate monitors: 1 for modeling and 2 for sculpting or painting textures . . . 

So far, I cannot get it to work. This is what I've done so far...

 While in the Layout window, I clicked on Window/New Window, which created a new Blender window, which allowed me to drag the new window over to my Wacom Cyntiq. BUT if I change layout windows to say Modeling or Sculpting, both windows change.

So, instead of being in Layout in window 1, I went into Sculpting. Then I clicked on Window/New Window. After I dragged that new window to the Cyntiq, I went back to the first window on my other monitor, and I clicked in Modeling, and it did it again. Both windows keep changing as if they were more like mirrors of each other.

Any ideas?

All I am trying to accomplish is to have 1 window on my Cyntiq set to Scuplting and a second window on my other monitor set to Layout or other tabs and the 1st window stays on Sculpting.

Is that even possible? And can you even save them as a profile?

Thanks all!