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Don't know exactly where to go with my sculpt (to retopo or not ?)


i have done a Majin Boo from DBZ i didn't know exactly where to go with it i just wanted to practice my sculpting, i though i would just use posing brush and then put a material on it and call it done, but now that i'm near the end i would like it to look cool.

before i show a few screenshots, i will tell you what i did so maybe you can help me better, i used different objects and used dynotopo to make it, some part are still not connected, like the neck to the torso, arms also, so thats why it looks a bit weird there. the eyes are just rounded plane since eyes in dbz they are kinda flat. i still didn't put the ears but i think some torus will do it. 

For the holes in majin boo body, i could add them now, but i dont know if i had to retopo it or not, and don't know if it would be better to add them later so i wait for that.

the hands are a bit rought and didnt connected to the body yet, i just made them now.

teeth and tongue are also separate object, the belt too.

i dont know if i will add legs or not, i wanted to make a bust at first so maybe i'll just stop there.

i would like to make some cool skin effect with subsurface, pose it, a simple pose not something crazy, adding maybe some sky and moutain and do a cool render of it if possible.

when my sculpt is completed, what would be the next step in your opinion ? i need to retopogy it or not ? for the hole, adding them now later ? i should be able to pose it without retopo i think since the pose i want to make is simple, but maybe not, so i'm asking you what would be the benefit since i don't want to animate it.

thank you !!

  • whether to retopo or not is a big question... the answer begins with the idea of what are your plans for the 3D model?..

    if you are planning on using it for animation purposes then the topology working correctly is very important...

    if all you plan to do is have it as a blender file or even 3D print it then retopo is not as important

    hope this helps