[Solved]Hard to follow the instructor, almost gave up

Edit: Everything's been resolved perfectly. 

I've been thinking about quitting this course because of your teaching style. Please talk more abput the keys you are pressing and what exactly you are doing - it's kinda hard to follow you while working on the project at the same time. Also: Please stop changing subjects all the time and focus. It's really hard to follow you when you keep changing topics every few seconds. Please edit this video and the others, you're teaching style really needs to improve, especially since people pay for this. Quote from another comment: "This leads to my request...
Please. Slow. Down. This is supposed to be a tutorial to teach people. Not a race to show off how good and fast you are with Blender.

I've had to stop and rewind your videos several times to follow what you're doing, and it's become frustrating. I'm ready to just stop this series and move on to another one.

So again.. Please. Slow. Down. Take time to explain things."

  • crew

    First I want to extend consolation regarding your disappointment with the course. For someone eager to learn something new, it's extremely disappointing when material meant for learning only serves to confuse, especially for a topic as complex as computer graphics / Blender. We've all been there and it's the worst.

    Admittedly I don't exactly know what to do with feedback like this. For years I've sought to balance my teaching between viewer feedback and video statistics like engagement rate. The tricky thing is that, in the age of internet learning, instructors are constantly at war with a decreasing viewer attention span. So it's necessary to teach as much as possible in as short a time period as possible or risk the majority getting bored and giving up.

    On the other hand there's viewers like you who find the information presented too fast and frustrating as a result. As hard as it is to swallow, I've had to accept over the years that I can't teach in a way that's ideal for everyone. That said I'm definitely hearing your feedback and will add it to the voices in my head when producing future content.

    Alternatively you may find other CGC instructors teach in a way that you can learn better from. I recommend trying these courses:

  • Hello Kent, 

    than you so much for your reply - seeing you react deeply solidifies my trust in CGCookie. 

    As a part of the Blender learning flow, your course was suggested right after the Low-Poly Rocket Course which really pushed me forward a lot and was at the perfect pace for me. I think your course was suggested a bit  too early, at least for me as an absolute beginner.

    I'm working on Jonathan Lampel's Modeling Fundamentals now. Maybe after that one I'll come back to your content. I actually enjoyed the techniques and skills you presented a lot and I would really love to learn them soon.

    Again, thanks for listening, your reply and the course suggestions :)


    • crew

      I think your course was suggested a bit  too early, at least for me as an absolute beginner.

      This is a valid point. I fear that beginner-oriented content gets more difficult for me each year as I drift further from that stage. Lampel's modeling fundamentals is surely a better follow-up to the rocket course.

      Maybe after that one I'll come back to your content. I actually enjoyed the techniques and skills you presented a lot and I would really love to learn them soon.

      I hope this ends up true! Thanks for hearing me out and persevering to other courses. Cheers :)

    • crew

      One note: there was a bug for a bit that displayed learning flows out of order! We didn't catch it right away and it definitely led to some confusion such as this. Apologies for that, it's been fixed, and now the flow should appear correctly for everybody. 

    • elcangrejo From a novice to a noob I wanted to give you some empathy. I remember being in your shoes and lemme tell you it was super hard every time I opened blender trying to learn such a vastly big program. I actually abandoned it three times before getting the hang of it over the years.

      I'm sorry you were feeling discouraged. Kent and Jonathon are really great instructors. the only critique I can give them is sometimes they forget to turn on the screencast keys for the beginners. And the treasure chest course is probably the first comprehensive course for a novice (probably not for a noob to blender who just opened the program up) and may be beyond the skill levels of some very new users. But it is such a great course because it touches and introduces many of the tools and you get to piece them together to make a finished product.

      It's almost a double-edged sword when it comes to watching beginner tutorials though. Either you make every tutorial soooooo beginner friendly that everything is explained down to the key press or you end up blowing past noob beginners a little to spend more time teaching more advanced tools of the program. It's definitely a very fine balancing wire. I'm grateful there is a lot of beginner and more advanced content to pick from here.

      There is nothing wrong with stopping a course if it is over your head and coming back to it after more experience. I actually did that with modeling a game character robot course. I got really overwhelmed and dropped the project because it was a little over my head. Then I went back to more basic courses to understand the flow a little better.

      Granted this was a course for beginners and I definitely felt myself pushed to some creative experience limits (guess that means I am a beginner haha). Don't be discouraged. These instructors are great and they are here to help.

      My last bit of advice is to turn down the playback speed to 0.5X speed or similar. I find it really hard to model along at full playback. There is just so much to learn in such a short time. I also watch videos a couple of times when a new topic is hard for me to understand.

      I hope this advice from a novice helps.

    • Thank you for your reply, Shawn! I feel very comfortable on the site already, it's a good learning atmosphere and just a welcoming community. I will give the half playback speed a try if need be :)