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Need tips on blender bone rotation.

At first glance rotations seems easy but that's subjective to view-port camera angle.Example-same bone different viewing angles.(same case with local rotations)

secondly, trackball behaves very weirdly or can say in very un-intuitive way so can't use it to place my bone to desired location.

I thought if its possible to have a sphere around the pivot point of radius equals to bone length(I call it Rotation sphere)
Rotation sphere surface contains all the points which that bone can possible reach.

and i will select a point on Rotation sphere and the tail of the bone will snap to it.

That's just my idea.
if you guys have any tips for rotation please share as I am frustrated by it. It waste too much time of mine to place bones at right rotations (I also use limit rotation,IK and track to constraint but they are not possible in every situation )

  • crew

    Hi jjkaran101,

    You are not alone in your struggles, rotations are difficult.

    I would suggest that you use Local orientation, which actually changes the manipulator display to make more intuitive sense rather than the Global orientation mode.  And also only rotate 1 axis at a time rather than the trackball, which will give you inconsistent results if you are trying to animate your bone.

    Mind you, the bone behaves the same under the hood in what ever orientation mode you set the gizmo to.  The bone will either use Euler rotations or Quaternion rotations (depending on what you tell it to use). 

    Your idea with the 3d globe doesn't quite take into account the roll of the bone, only the head and tail of the bone.

    If you place the tail at a specific point on your sphere, the bone can still be rotated an infinite number of ways around its local y axis (the length of the bone) and the head and the tail will still be in that specified location.  I hope that makes sense.

    So try just moving 1 axis at a time in local orientation and see how you go.

    It takes practice.