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Concepts for sculpting

After watching the Fundamentals of sculpting course I got a little too pumped up and decided to design my own concept for sculpting. But when I began drawing yesterday I quickly found out how simple designs can be so hard when you have no experience with doing concept art. So I procrastinated a lot, kept putting few lines of paper throughout the day as ideas popped up. It felt like it wasnt going anywhere but before I went to sleep I gave it another shot and came up with a couple nice silhouettes and it clicked in my mind that silhouettes where the thing I wasnt paying attention when doing my sketches and they were all looking boring. 

So today I took the silhouettes I liked and started experimenting with them and it all started coming together. After that it wasnt too hard to put lines on them. And these are the designs I came up with.

I might be over attached with these designs because to me these are huge improvement over the rubbish I stated with yesterday. So now I want your guys feedback on these, tell me which ones you like, how can I improve them. What have I totally messed up. :D 

And btw, I dont care much about realism  I just want designs to look cool.