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Exercise related question

Hello theluthier. I just finished the fundamentals of sculpting course and it was great, you explained all topics very nicely. So now  I want to start working on my own sculpture, so is it okey if I try and create my own concept art instead of using the one from the ones you used? I really want to create something of my own.

  • crew

     I really want to create something of my own.

    This is precisely how I hope everyone finishes our courses! Please pursue that.

    That said, we need an objective standard of criteria to grade exercises which means the same sculpt subject (shark). So no, I can't make exceptions for exercise submissions. BUT you don't have to do this exercise. You're welcome to skip it and begin sculpting your own stuff!

    • theluthier  Awesome! Thanks for the encouragement. I have been trying to come up with some design ideas today, its been slow going process coz I havent really done it before but I m making progress. I had to start somewhere and this project seems fun and approachable, Sculpting might be challenging too as only thing I have done so far is Melvin, but after watching the latest fundamental series I think I can do it.