Yousef Al Haeri (bozurk)

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Weapons/Gun Modeling Course?

Hello there,

Will there ever going to be a course that correlates the designs of firearms? Whether It's a Sci-Fi design from concept art or just a modernized weapon like the M4 Carbine. I'm a hard surface modeler, And I love designing/modeling weapons. And having a course that is very relative to what I do in Blender from CGCookie will immensely help me with my journey into becoming a better artist. Now I'm aware there are already courses on hard surface modeling and modeling an FPS Shooter Weapon for Games, Or the Mesh Modeling Bootcamp, But I would like to work on a high poly mesh weapon for a concept art with the sub-d workflow, and to have a clean topology with UV's and all of that good stuff.

Thank you.

- Yousef

  • crew

    Hey Yousef, I'm glad to hear you love modeling! When it comes to our plans to do a high poly weapon with a sub-d workflow, I'd say probably not. I wouldn't be against that but it's just not on my list at the moment and there are a lot of other topics we need to cover first.