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Matt's Polybook

Hiya everyone

Just following along with some of the tutorials from the 'Learn Blender 2.8' flow. I have to admit, the thought of being able to create the cool isometric rooms and low poly scenes has got me super excited! 

I've done the rocket and the first of the primitives challenge so far, really enjoying the courses. 

  • Nice! That rocket tutorial was awesome. It's all a lot more work than I expected, but getting something to look right on your own is so incredibly satisfying! 

    Have fun!

  • Carried on with a bit more of the course today and decided to follow along to create a pumpkin... Of some kind haha. Also used the materials lessons from previous to assign different materials to different parts of the pumpkin. 

  • Carrying on from where I left off, I managed to follow along and create the sci-fi crate, I also had a play with the camera and some lighting, definitely needs a lot of improvement, but it's nice to see it all come together. 

  • So I've finally got round to starting my room... Which made me realise just how little I actually know, I think I'm going to go and re-watch the lessons to get a true feel for modelling. 

    I find I learn best when I'm able to put what I'm learning into practice and with a specific goal in mind now, this should help. 

    Here is the start anyway, added a couple of shelfs, some books, window ledges and the start of a cabinet (you may also notice a couple of sci-fi crates haha)

    • Modeling a room is definitely a step up from modeling a cube or a snowman. IT's an assembly of individual 3 objects all over. But if you think about it: that's all it really is. A bunch of individual 3d objects kitbashed together. Looking good so far though. Plenty more to fill that space though. Lo poly is fun because you can get a general shape with few polygons and people understand what it generally is. Keep it blocky haha.

    • I love that you added your sci-fi crate! I will definitely figure a way to get my other lo-poly course objects into my room! (stealing is the highest form of flattery and all ;) )

    • Yeah, I think one of my main issues is that I want everything to look exact right from the word go, I need to remember to keep it simple and build it up. 

      Haha, absolutely! Perhaps a halloween theme so I can include my pumpkin could also go over well haha.