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Set as Background problem

Good day,  I have one problem with Link Empty to Track
First I created two track marks and they work pretty good, then I did 3d scene setup (delete light source, cube and reset camera rotation and position, after that pull the camera up)
Then I clicked on Link Empty to Track, in the beginning everything looks great, in 3D view two Empty objects were created, then I set as background the video-footage. And then I press "Space bar" for animation check, and discovered that my empty objects in 3d view scene move incorrectly =(

Position of the empty objects don't match with tracking marks.

  • I don't sure why, but my problem solved by simple move - DON"T USE VIDEO-files!
    I didn't expect there will be any problem with that, but after I converted video to an image sequence and do the same operations that I did before, everything starts work correctly.
    Now empty's position match to tracker's position 100%

    I also found very useful hotkey - "L" (Lock to selection when tracking)

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    Glad you solved it on your own! Yes, video compression and playback is not ideal when working inside of Blender. Definitely keep making frame sequences!

    • Wanna say "Thank you very much!"
      Really interesting tutorial about tracking and it's pretty easy to follow (even in Blender 2.83)
      The position of some buttons is changed, but it's not so difficult to manage where they are in a new version of Blender, and more important the principles of tracking still the same.

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      Very true, and glad it didn't pose a problem for you, with some of the buttons changing positions and stuff. I've thought about remaking this for 2.8+, but then I think not really that much has changed.