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Most flows are not in Blender 2.8

So, I've noticed that except for Learn Blender 2.8 - your complete tutorial guide, all the other learning flows are in older versions of Blender. Should I still enroll for them? Will they be updated any time soon?

  • Most flows may not be in Blender 2.8, hopefully they'll be soon. But I encourage you to enroll and ask where you can find the missing features from 2.7 to 2.8. Searching on forums and the internet also helps you to keep in touch with the courses.

  • You should definitely look at the older tutorials as they are structured in a way where they teach you the concepts and rules, not the software.  CGCookie's videos are trying to be software-independent, so there's a lot of good information in there that you'll run across in any software.  There may be some things that you have to translate between software versions, but the majority of what you learn will be transferable to other software.  Solving those small problems will also help with your critical thinking as 3D comes from a technical background (granted getting more artist-friendly each day), so any small, weird things that pop up while working you can fall back on your "debugging" knowledge to help solve a problem, esp. in a team-centric atmosphere.

    TL:DR; I recommend going through the old stuff and watching it anyway.

  • The concepts still apply and having never worked with 2.7, I really enjoy the other flows as well. The only tip I'd give you is that you should have a basic understanding of the user interface and hotkeys, and if you then don't find something mentioned quickly, google it because some things have been renamed, merged or removed (like Remove Doubles is now Merge by Distance). The skills and workflows are definitely transferable!

  • Thanks for the feedback, people! Definetly going to enroll for the other flows and courses, then. <3