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camera rig. with offset control

hi,  I am using blender version 2.82 and the file with the camera rig.  I don't see the camera offset control.   Do I have to use version 2.9 with. that file to access that control?   Could just. be the morning coffee didn't kick in yet.   Thanks - T

  • crew

    Yes, as I mention in the video, the add-on is updated in the 2.9 release which has that extra control. 

    (2.9 is being released this week I think)

    Check the downloadable files as I have included a file that already has the camera rig built in it.

    (It's just that the UI script won't function exactly the same in the older version - I don't think it will break anything though)

    So you can wait a couple days, or start with the downloaded file ;)

    • I don't think the updated file actually has the updated dolly rig with the camera offset bone control on it. I'm using 2.90.1 and I downloaded the updated file that has the annotations about it being the new rig but I don't see the camera offset bone in there. I deleted the rig object and added a new one and it had the offset bone so I think the project file might still be using the old dolly rig.

      Maybe I'm missing it, idk I've got quarantine brain right now so ignore me if I'm crazy here.

    • crew

      Thanks Colin.
      Your Quarantine Brain is spot on.