[Solved] Voronoi texture node has changed completely, the fix in the comments doesn't work either

The options in the video are entirely different from what current blender has on this node, and I looked at the fix and did it 1:1 how he says to do it and my results are completely different, doesnt even really look like it was hammered metal at all.

I'm lost at what to do, closest I can get is 3D, F1, Euclidian, scale of 135, random 1, Distance to Color 2, but even then its not right and quite ugly.

Update: I made a big mistake and was using the Mapping node for the Voronoi's Vector. This was a big mistake on my part, the way my nodes were unorganized it seemed like Texture Coordinate Node was attatched. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

Voronoi's (With 3D, Smooth F1, Euclidean, Scale 40.0, Smoothness 0.4, randomness 1.0) Distance to Color 2 of MixRGB (With Fac0.040) did indeed solve this. Thanks (mrhuffnpuff)

  • Hey mintytwister . Nice job figuring it out and posting an update. We've all been there where we messed something up. That is an important part of learning in my opinion. Even more important is finding the solution. So kuddos to you!

    I would say next time post a screen shot of the node setup and what it looks like for people in the forums to be able to better help. Maybe even pointing some arrows at problem areas if you want to focus on something.

    Heck you can even post a link to a blender file upload on dropbox or similar cloud service.

  • crew

    I made a big mistake...Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

    Don't worry about it! We appreciate you following up with the realization. ALL OF US have done this same kind of thing. You're in good company :)