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Sci-fi Crate & Room


I am sorry, still didn't try to share any of my works here (well..anywhere) and I would like to ask for some info about how to share with the community on a correct way. Where, how and can I share the blender file or need to take pictures and post that for feedback?

I have made my sci-fi crate (it had been uploaded on and also the room. 

The room has no material on, because when I was building it, sometimes I forgot to build parts of it from new cube. So I wasn't able to do the material separately everywhere I needed. If material is mandatory, please let me know and I will rebuild it from scratch happily.


  • You can post screenshots or renders here. (Use the insert image icon or CTRL+P.)

    If you ever need (or want) to share a .blend file (for instance for trouble shooting), you'll have to upload it to a file sharing cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive, or... and paste the link here.

    Btw. you can assign more than one material to one object in Edit Mode:

    • Thank you Spikey, 

      I am going to work on the material, thank you.

      My room is a bit crowded  this is why I wasn't sure how to make good screenshots about the different parts. I'll try . Thanks again!


    • Also without materials you can post nice screenshots by  enabling Shadows and Cavity in the Viewport Shading dropdown (maybe even use a Matcap...):

    • I had the Cavity and Shadows, but never tried the MatCap. It makes it even better, thank you!

      I have tried to post my sci-fi crate on the polybooks forum, I guess that is also a good option to get feedback.

      Thanks again!

      P.S. :I am amazed by the model you've used as an example.

    • That is a beautiful model

      Thank you!