Kat Loveland (chaoslillith)

4 answers · asked · Lesson: Sculpting a Shark · Course: Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting with Blender 2.8

I put my submission on this page

I don't need yet another account to track, so my images are here.  Enjoy!

  • crew

    Good work cchaoslillith! Is this your first time sculpting with Blender?

    Also submitting an exercise through the official submission page doesn't generate a new account, it simply adds the exercise submission to your existing account. The official submission page comes with additional features like specific grading criteria and community XP points...It's highly recommended :)

    • Yes it's my first ever sculpt. I know the submission page has extra perks but I didn't feel like opening up yet another account on another site to submit. The other courses I've taken here you just submit the final render in PNG form ,a lot easier.  I am glad you liked my shark!

    • crew

      OH I see what you mean now: Sketchfab. Yes you're right, that does require another account to submit. It's understandable that you don't want to sign up over there too.

      You've done a great job for your first time sculpting! I hope you enjoyed the exercise enough to keep honing your skills 👍

    • Yes, I will be sculpting some dragons these next two weeks, hopefully.