Kat Loveland (chaoslillith)

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No question, just super happy for this course!

Cannot wait to dive into this!! (After I finish scultping, texturing and the current animation course lol) I may jump ahead into this because I love camera workd!

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    Haha,  don't get distracted by the new shinny thing Kat.  It will still be here when you finish all those other things on your to do list.


    • Well, it all kind of works together in the end. lol. I've already done some basic animation work, not with in depth character  rigging though, but that's on my list. I am currently trying to sculpt a shark :) I want to do a Star Wars fanvid animated short  (possibly series) so am trying to get a decent working knowledge of all the aspects of it before delving into the deep end. I've never done animation before, but have a photography and video editing background, and writing. :) Maybe one day I will make actual money doing all of this. (Ok, my dream is to work for WETA so I can immigrate to New Zealand. It's good to have goals.)