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This camera course will have an advanced level?

I would like to do this course so that I can later run my own live streaming channel and whether there will be a more advanced level after this introduction. I would like to learn how to use the angles of the webcam x perfectly and get the best shots. ;)

  • crew

    Hi Claris,  unfortunately this course won't be exactly about what you want to learn.

    However, I will say that you will learn quite a bit that is related to what you want to know.

    For example, webcams are usually wide angle lenses, so they have a tendency to stretch the horizontal space which makes things look further away.  Although if you start to get closer to the camera it looks like you are coming really fast towards the camera.

    They also have a tendency to warp faces when you are super close.  (That's why you look weird in some selfies, it's the lens distortion)

    As for the camera angles, I would suggest an eye level angle and get as close as you can (within in reason).  But if you're after more information about live streaming, there is a ton of info on Youtube.

    Hope that helps.