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Searching for topology and modeling advice

I was hoping that I could get some modeling advice for a Character I am Modeling for an animated series. He is a bit more complex than any other Character than I have modeled, but I want to use this opportunity to learn as much as I can. I can include the Blender File if anyone is willing to offer advice on the parts I am having trouble with. (Hooves, Knees, and maybe head - not there yet)

  • What kind of advice are you looking for?

    My general advice for characters is:

    • Keep everything as quads, which is what it looks like you're doing.
    • When box modeling (as opposed to sculpting and retopologizing), I would suggest to model the big features first, then refine.  For example, I would have an edge loop in the middle of the shoulder joint, extrude out to the middle of the elbow joint, refine the elbow edge loop, then extrude and refine for the wrist.  That way you have the base form done, then you can refine.
    • There must be at least 3 face loops of polys around each joint.  It really helps give a clean deformation.
    • With the face loops around joints, space them closer on the side it pinches and space farther apart on the side that stretches.  Again, helps with the clean deformations.

    I'm assuming you're making a film-like character.  My advice may change slightly if it's for a real-time character, but these are still good general guidelines for building a character no matter its intended use.

  • Thanks for your advice! I will make sure I stand by those tips as a guideline.

    I should have been more specific:

    I am planning to use this in an animated series. Possibly port this to Unreal 5 if I can refine it well enough - but if not then I will keep this in Blen der. I will be adding Geo Hair and experimenting with

    I have been keeping at three edge loops for each joint, though the lower knee is a very tight angle so I have made it connect at one edge for two of the loops. The joints are my biggest issue, though I guess I am a little apprenhensive at moving on without knowing I am doing it right.

    I am trying to attach the Blender file for clarity.

    Else, the hooves are not abosolutely in line with the  drawings. Though I have taken liberty with the Hooves and given them a flat bottom. I plan to inset the inside to simulate an actual Hoof. 

  • I almost wonder if that is meant to be the statix pose. I think it is.

    You typically want a place to work from on a rig perspective while you are modeling. Will your final model be easily rigged in the pose you are creating?

    I would look that sort of thing up before you go too far down the down. I want to say the generic T pose or A pose are good places to start. Legs for this character may be okay starting out with a bend like that in the knees.

    • I was following a tutorial for Character Modelling from the site, which led me to posing my Character's arms like that. According to the tutorial, the pose will changhhe back to A pose before rigging.

    • I took a few days to think about this, and I wonder if it would be easier to model and rig if the legs were stretched to be more straight.  I'm not very good at rigging myself, so I'm not sure what pros/cons there would be for something like that.  I do know it's much easier to rig characters if they're "straighter," but it's not impossible to rig them if they're not.  Modeling the legs "straighter" could also help with your topology and alleviate the extreme pinching you're getting in the model.  Otherwise, I don't have enough information to help you right now.

    • Thanks! I don't know why I did not think of that method. I save often, so experimenting with that way should not be an issue.
      I will try it out and see how it goes.

      I will also post how I tried to get around my issue by pressing forward. (I basically finished the legs and hooves, but any methods of improvement I am glad to take into consideration.) I thought that when I get to sculpting for correction that I might be able to fix any mistakes, but I am unsure.