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Backhoe Contribution - blanchsb - Interior Rear Control Columns

Blanchsb Assigned

  • crew

    There he is! You probably know the drill by now but I've created 2 files for you:

    • DOG-434E_model/MASTER_parts/WIP/BLANCHSB_dog-434e_interior_rear-control-columns_01.blend
    • DOG-434E_model/MASTER_parts/BLANCHSB_dog-434e_interior_rear-control-columns_MASTER.blend

    The first one is meant to be where you start your work-in-progress, saving iteratively as needed. After each modeling session, simply save over the mastered version to the MASTER_parts folder (second file listed above).

    Feel free to link in other mastered parts if you need. Also I placed the interior reference collage in the DOG-434E_model/REF folder. Let me know if anything isn't clear!