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Forum Notifications Auto-Focus Feature Broken - Anyone Else?

There was a recent change to the forum structure. 1st page is now last page again. (Maybe this was intentional. If so, I am fine with it) 

The part that I am struggling with is: I am not getting sent to specific places on forums anymore when I click on my notifications.

Man I really miss the auto-find where I was mentioned, or auto-find for the new reply to a topic. Now I am back to trying to find needles in the haystack

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

  • Yeah same for me too. I just clicked the notification for Michael Mirns Polybook and it took me to a random post halfway up rather to the latest reply (which was actually yours) 

  • Totally agree with you! Manoeuvring CGCookie has never been it's strongest point, but the content and the community are more than making up for it, but now we know that it is possible to get directed to where a new comment is has been done and everybody was soooo happy!

    It's not that important which direction the forum threads are going, but if someone answers a post somewhere in the middle of a long thread, I get a notification about that and might not be able to find the comment...

    I love CGCookie and accept bad navigation, but we were spoiled for a few weeks with clicking on a 'comment' and 'getting there', so we want that behavior back, please...

  • I wouldn't mind the scrolling down for new content as much but as the webpage loads the pictures continue to shift everything down farther and farther. So I scroll to the end like 3 or more times until everything finally loads. When I am accessing this on my phone it is a nightmare. I actually really liked the new content up front at the top. It seemed more relevant to me personally. I wanted to voice my own opinion obviously. Doesn't mean I am leaving the community if it doesn't stay that way.

    But the notification auto-focus feature no longer working (and actually more broken than before we had it) is a total buzz kill. I hope this is just temporary.

    wesburke We love to give this feedback with the best intentions possible (mainly for the notifications). Not sure who is in charge on the recent changes but something is definitely broken.

    If I may also suggest one additional improvement. If I click on a notification it would be nice if it auto-sets to a "read" status for me so I don't have to manually do that every time, too.