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Precise modeling?

So, I am a fan of Lego, who isn't? One of my favorite things to do while using Maya was to model Lego pieces as I built a new Lego project. I want to do that same sort of thing in Blender, but I don't know how to do precise modeling.

For example, if you have a Lego piece that measures  47.75mm (x) x 15.75mm (y)  x 3.15mm (z), once I add a new cube primitive and want to use these measurements, how does one go about doing that? I haven't been able to figure this out yet.


  • You can change the Rotation, Length, Mass, and Time in the Scene properties panel. Just click on the length drop-down to change it to your preferred size. Hope this helps!

  • HI Declan, open the 'N-Panel' ,if it isn't open yet, by pressing N. You can simply type in 47.75mm in the X field etc.

    Your Cube needs to be in Object Mode to see those Dimensions. This will affect your Scale as well and it is a good practice to have your Scale at (1, 1, 1), so I pressed CTRL+A > Apply Scale after filling in the dimensions.

  • Ah! Thank you! That's probably why I couldn't figure it out. That tool bar is usually hidden away, so out of sight, out of mind. I thank you kind sir! :)

  • Not sure if you are a spender but there is a Brickr add-on for the blender market that deals with making lego style bricks. There is also another add-on that lets you sculpt the bricks and paint them as well. Kinda reminds me of minecraft style building but with Legos.....