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Rig problems when turning the character 180 degrees

For my animation I want to turn the character 180 degrees, starting with him facing away from the camera. When I grab the controls for the feet, the torso and the head and turn them 180 degrees on the z-axis around the world origin his face collapses. And when I try to use the root control his head doesn't turn, and then adjusting the head afterwards also collapses his face. And his knees go wonky and the neck stretches. Am I using the wrong controls? I'm not sure what to do..

I'm using Blender 2.83.2 but I also tried opening the rig in 2.79 and it just won't let me. Blender loads but the rig does not appear.

  • crew

    Something has probably broken in the constraints since 2.80 or whenever I updated it.

    I can't look at fixing it right now but can you turn it around in object mode? Will that at least let you move forward in your project?

    Another solution would be to try in Blender 2.80 and see if it does the same thing.  It's not idea, but it might let you move forward.

    • No worries, I'll give that a try. Rotating in object mode does work, I'll just have to face him away from the camera when his face goes weird.

    • crew

      OK, if you need to rotate him during the animation that is going to be an issue then haha

      Try the older version of Blender and let me know how you go (it will help me narrow down the cause of the issue)

    • In the file name it says 2.79, but when I try opening it in 2.79 blender just quits. In 2.80 it does the same thing as in 2.83. Rotating the root control rotates everything excep the head, and rotating the head seperately then does the weird things to his face and knees. If I find anything else I'll let you know.

    • crew

      Hey Yorque,
      Try this version https://www.dropbox.com/s/qbgthsz3qn1yyb4/baker_rig_2.83.blend?dl=1

      Special thanks to phoenix4690 for his assistance.

      Let me know if you still have issues.

    • That's much better, thank you very much.

      Though the knees are still misbehaving when the character is turned.

      And I also can't see the rig colours (selected or unselected) when I link in the character, but I must be doing something wrong there because the rig file itself does show them properly.

    • crew

      With the 'cot being able to see the colours when linked'
      If you are using a Proxy rather than library overrides (which I would still recommend at this stage - so many bugs), then you need to hide the rig in the original file (computer screen icon) and save it.
      Then when it is linked it won't show over the top of the proxy rig, hiding what you have selected.

      Re the knees, elbows.  I'm trying to narrow down the bug there.  Something weird has changed in 2.8+ and these constraints don't function the same.