Jonathan Nunez (daemetius)

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adding color to mesh looks weird in object mode vs edit mode

So i pretty much added color to the mesh however i noticed the following:

in Edit Mode:

in Object Mode: 

Same thing happens with the other eye

from my understanding, it has to do with the subdivision modifier...but how do i go in solving it? 

  • Hi Jonathan!

    That has indeed to do with the Subsurf Modifier.

    It looks to me that you have a very small bevel on that edge with 1 segment, something like this (exaggerated):

    Which subdivides like this:

    Because it has only 1 segment, it also has only 1 color.

    You will need another edge loop:

    Which subdivided looks like this:

    Then assign the right material here:

    And you get this when subdivided:

    Or in Object Mode, with Smooth Shading:

    It's a bit difficult to explain, but I hope it is clear from the pictures.