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is there other way??

Hey great course got to learn alot about topology and modelling 

can we do this with boolean ??? I know this is not the focus of the course, topology will mess up, we are focusing on learning topology . what if you got to do these kind of logo for commission will you do that with boolean modifier?  will that work?

  • crew

    Is it possible? Definitely! Will it look good? Well, that depends... you would not be able to use the subdivision surface modifier and all the features would have to be flat. If you (or the client) doesn't care about those things, then it's a fine alternative. For learning purposes though, I wouldn't use them for this course. It may seem like a great shortcut but they have their own challenges that aren't addressed here, and you'll need to learn the techniques used in these lessons regardless of whether you use booleans or not. Hope that helps! 

  • If you are only doing logo design you can overlap things as long as it looks good enough to the end user. Booleans may be a good way to go for something like that. You may want to look into Box Cutter and HardOps packages and see if that style of modeling suits you. But if a 3D model is going to be viewed from other angles, textured, shading, material setups, getting a sub-div modifier, etc...... then topology is going to be a great asset.

    Even with HardOps and Box Cutter you benefit greatly from understanding good topology.