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How can I fix bad shading in my rear axle end housing?

theluthier  I've already submitted my part for the assignment 4 since I won't have much time for modeling in July. The rear axle end housing is now one single all-quad-mesh with simplyfied topology but the shading in some parts is still bad as described here. I would like to correct it for this assignment.

  • crew

    Wow you're putting a lot of work into the axle! Definitely more complicated than I ever would have guessed at the beginning.

    It's possible that some topology tweaking could minimize the shading artifacts. But if not then Spikey's suggestion to use the shrinkwrap approach is a good one.

    I will plan to address this during the stream next if that's ok with you?

    • Yes, the shrinkwrap method is probably the most promising approach. I'm looking forward to the next livestream. Today, I've uploaded a better version of my rear axle.  But there's still some work.

    • I'm trying to cut a hole into the gearbox, but I'm only messing things up:

      My failed attempt for the gearbox hole is here. Will Shrinkwrap be a solution here, too?

      At least, I could align some elements better and do some cleanup.  File is here.

  • I also have to reshape the red main body of my rear axle end housing as this drawing shows:

    That's really a challenge. And the joint visible at the right side has to be connected to the housing after the application of the "Mirror Modifier". But I can do this only if I've got the main body's shape right.