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When animating a character

When animating a character, how can I make sure I remember all of these details?

  • It takes a lot of practice, there. are a lot of details.  I could be wrong, but it seems Wayne has a pattern to it.  For example the feet do the horizontal distance, then the hip movement, then the feet get refined.  When you get to Rivet, it goes the same way, but after the hips, you do the shoulders then the neck, then the upper arm, lower arm, etc.  It helps me to think the rig is more a chain (hips drive shoulders, drive neck, etc.).  You just keep refining and adding detail as you work on it.  Also it helps to learn a little about how FK and IK chains work, then you know what bones rotate, which ones do both, and which ones control other ones.  Then you need to also worry about the weight of the character, etc.  You'll get better at it and parts get easier or at least I've learned more  what keys to enter and what the graphs mean.    I'm not very good at it, but it is an interesting challenge and an incredible amount of fun to make the characters move around, also Wayne is incredibly helpful.  Good luck learning and have fun.

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    Hi Carlos.

    Tanya is correct.  Practice!

    I know it sucks when you hear that answer but it's true.  In fact, with practice you don't actually need to remember any of this.  It just happens automatically because you know what to do.

    That's what all your practice and hard work is for - to make things easy and automatic ;)

    Go, Carlos, go!