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It is just turns pink !

Why when I connect the mix shader to the background it Turns pink. What is the reason?

Here is the node!👇🏼

  • Hi shanr, you are using a Mix Shader instead of a Color > Mix RGB Node! (You can see a red line where you connect the output of the Mix Shader to the Color input of the Background Shader, indicating that the connection is wrong!)

    • Yup. Use Mix RGB instead and it should work better.

      I've done that a time or two.

    • The naming of these two nodes is a bit inconvenient, I think...It took me a few years before I understood the difference and when to use which, (This was before the different types of Nodes had different colors; all the Nodes where grey, which made it a lot less obvious...I can't even look at that any more.)

      A Mix Shader is not just a 'Shader that mixes', but it mixes Shaders. In the same way: a Mix RGB, mixes (RGB) colors.

      I like to think of them as 'Shader Mixer' and 'RGB Mixer'...

      Also an Add Shader is not just a 'Shader that adds', but it adds Shaders together, so more of a 'Shader Adder''...

    • It Worked!

    • Glad you worked it out shanr! Thanks for the great answer spikeyxxx and Shawn.  :-)

    • I like Spikeys word shifts, that helps a bunch on how to remember what they do...