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Extrapolation Mode through Channel selection

I animated this easy enough, but got stuck on Extrapolation Mode.
Right clicking in the Graph Editor, on Object Transforms channels, brings up the Extrapolation Mode menu, but they're grayed out ( = wild goose chase).

It's shown how to do it @5:40 in the previous Looping Ball video though derr

- In Object Mode
- Select the Object
- In Graph Editor
- Select the Channels
- Channel button (above the Graph Editor)
- Extrapolation Mode (Shift E)
- Winning

I'm curious how right click selection vs Channel are different to Blender, and how can I find out what it wants when I encounter grayed out menus like that?

  • crew

    If you are using Right Click Select like I am, the context menu is enabled with the W key.

    So it works in a similar way after that.

    With the Greyed out options, do you have any channels locked?

    It seems there might be a small disconnect with the behaviour and the UI.

    If a single channel is locked - it is not greyed out in the context menu or channel menu, but it does not work (because of the lock)

    Whereas, if the entire group is locked - both the menus are greyed out.  

    Which is more intuitive imo