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My array doesn't scale down when adding the array count.

At 8:17 you do something superfast without saying what's going on. Doesn't hurt to just say "shift+a to add". Since there is no place here on CG Cookie that bridge between the super fundamentals (building the space ship) and the rest of all Blender-functionality, it is quite a ninja-task to follow along and figure out what is going on.

Or - if there is tutorials as good as the SpaceShip that goes through Shading, Materials, Lighting and so on - they should absolutely show up as the logical next steps after the SpaceShip. Now, I have to randomly jump into tutorials and buckle up. :)

  • This is a big frustration of mine too. When I was a noob (still kinda am I think). I would get lost trying to follow people. Another one I struggle following is BoxCutter's Masterxeon Youtube's videos. That guy is a machine but he moves sooooooo fast it is hard for me to follow. I can't fault the guy too much, he is just that way. But I only watch his stuff when I am really determined to learn and have no distractions. Other instructors are ovbiously build for teaching like Kent Trammel and Jonathon Lampel and Grant Abbit.

    Learning tip that has helped me: "What can our friends do if they need to catch up? Pause the video!" - Art for Kids Hub

    While pausing is good, I have found that half speed is extremely useful when I am new to learning something. Or sometimes 3/4 speed. I can follow along a lot easier. I also click the buttons to rewind by 10 sec in the top left of the videos a lot.

    I hope that helps, in the long run. You're not alone with your frustrations though.

  • Array's should scale down if your main object that you are arraying is not a 1 scale. So if you scale the primary object by 90% or 0.9 then the next arrayed object should be 90% of the first, and so on and so on........

    Normally we want our object scale to be 1 (you can find it in the 'N'panel under the Item tab and Scale section. Make sure X/Y/Z are scaled however you want and then add the array modifier. Play with the scale to see the effects the array has on it.

    ddavidbicho hopefully that is what you were asking. I have not taken that course yet.