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Problems following/understanding -filling front facing face of back section - starting at about 12:45

Hi Jonathan,

I am working on the back section filling the front facing face - where the 2 loops on top connect with the three on bottom- about 12:45.  Can you explain  what you did in this section again plz..  I am having a really hard time following what you did on this one.  Here's where i got to before i got stuck. 12:50 is when I really got stuck.   Thanks , Curtis

  • crew

    Hey Curtis! It looks like you're really close. 

    First we connect the top edge with the bottom left one like so, in order to complete the loop that would run through it. 

    To get out of the triangle situation on the left, we add an edge loop to the middle face, then snap that edge loop over to the vertex that's selected in the above image:

    Then I added one more edge loop above all of that to make the top right triangle into a quad:

    It's not particularly pretty, but it works. Hope that helps! 

  • THANKS!  I got it !  I think i just needed to step away from it for a few days .  I see what you did and got it to work , now just trying to understand how you got there like how you knew to create that 2nd (left) triangle.   

    • crew

      If I'm understanding correctly, I didn't think about that triangle at all. I just thought about the main loop going all the way around and it just happened to create that triangle. Once it was there then we dealt with it. One thing at a time!