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Jasmine's Polybook Fun

Hi! I forgot that I needed to create another polybook here! I wish typing spaces worked right now...grrr...

Anyway, my first thing to show is from the Digital Lighting course! jlampel , here are the first two, sunny day (soooo sunny...I thought I had a less blown-out one) and nighttime:

Everything's so bright! o_o I made a sunset bedroom scene, and it was a little difficult with the sun looking a bit closer in strength and colour temp as the lamps! So I turned a lamp off. I used your sunset sun light from the addon, sky texture, and an area lmap that was kind of pinkish... I wanted to get plenty of light, but not TOO much of the window's reflection (oh, I put the sampling up on this to...about...200)!

That was so fun!! I have to continue with Eevee... Finally was able to finish the Cycles part! Augh!! And if I remember, I'll put more of my stuff up if/whenever I make stuff!