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Additional detail > end caps

It's probabaly more of a suggestion, as I know this tutorial is specifically about procedural/modular workflow on a chain, but I beleive you can add unique objects at either end of an array modifier?

Would it enable you to create say a cable with jackplugs at either end, that you would then move with the end points of the curve and the length of the curve would always adjust connect the two ends to suit. Then the curve could simply be 'dressed' to however you want it?

In fact I might give it a go and see how it goes.

  • I believe that is correct bbiohazard2015  Post an image when you have got it to work.

    • I successfully got start and end caps to work for a separate modeling procedural object that I was working on. I posted a video explaining how I got them working and looking really nice. Not that I understand everything about the process but when you have them working they are extremely powerful additions bbiohazard2015 and can make your models really pop and not look like standard array'd objects. There are lots of options for what you want to use for start and end caps and I chose the option of continuing unique but similar geometry.

      I talk about it here on my project I have been working on for the live collaboration: there is a YouTube video called Array and Curve Modifier Magic that I put together that goes right along with this lecture from chunck

  • Yep, you're exactly right! That's some of the extended power of procedurality with the Array modifier. I've seen a few addons as well that use that feature to allow you to do exactly what you described, extending and moving cables with heads on either end that will update with each move you make.