Can i group this to adjust them individually?

Hey there Chunck! great tut, i´m very new to this i achieved to duplicate empty, chain link and curve path to adjust a new different chain, but i was wondering if i could group this to copy several chains without having all those objects in my tree view. Fantastic explanation btw. Thanks!

  • Hey Juan, I'm happy you found it helpful, thanks for watching! And I get what you mean, that's a lot of objects in your Outliner once you duplicate it a couple times. Two ways I could see you going about it:

    1. For your first chainlink setup, create a collection that houses all of the objects that make the chainlink. When you want to duplicate the chainlink, you can simply duplicate the Collection so you can have easy organization within your Outliner.

    2. You can add another empty (I'd use a different empty shape to help you see which empty you'd be clicking on) and use that as the parent object. Select all of the chainlink assets first once they are set up, selecting this new empty last, hitting Ctrl + P and selecting "Object (Keep Transform)". Now, this new empty will act as the collection would in the first idea I said, but you can actually move the empty around and the chainlink setup will follow but still be fully functional. In your Outliner, the objects will all be hidden under the parent empty as well, so you can expand or close the object in the Outliner to see all of the children objects at your leisure.

    I hope those ideas make sense and are what you may be looking for! Thanks again for watching and let me know if you have anymore questions! :)