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How fast do you finish your projects?

This project was created in about 4 excruciating hours, not because it was hard per se but because I hated myself for taking that long, especially after seeing Mr. Wayne Dixon do similar stuff in less than a quarter of the time. With that, I ask the community... How long do YOU take to finish your projects?

Also how long should this animation posted above take to finish? Was spending 4 hours making this justified or should I have been able to do this in let's say, an hour or less?

I'd love it if people would show off their own projects and tell me how long it took THEM to finish it. Just so I can see if I'm being too slow.

  • WHAT?? 

    Only 4 hours to make this? You are amazing!

    Do not compare yourself to Wayne, who has a lot more experience and probably doesn't show all the work he put into it; I know I wouldn't..

    I  can't do animations yet, but for instance this: https://cgcookie.com/u/spikeyxxx/projects/christmas-12

    Took me 6 weeks, about 8 to 10 hours a day..

    I know I'm slow, but I only care about the result, not how long it took me to get there.