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Lighting a car interior

Is there a way to light a car interior without it looking too dark and covered in shadows?

This is how I would normally light it, though I've tried other methods like exposure adjustments and HDRis. Every time the interior is either too dark or the shadows are too soft. I'm not sure what's causing it, be it the lights or the material I'm using for the windshield. Image attached is after fiddling with the exposure levels.

Before anyone asks, I'm using 2.82. I also denoised the image, so there's some artifacting there.

  • crew

    I'm guessing you'd prefer it to look more like this? 

    Try not using a sun lamp but instead using an extremely soft but bright environment light or massive area lights instead. You could also try turning off shadows for the windows to speed things up a bit. 

  • The lights I used in the OP pic were actually area lights that are at smaller sizes. What would be a good size for them then?

    Oh and how do I remove the shadows for the windows. I can't seem to find any option to do so with the Principled shader.

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