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Drawing display for left handed people?

I'm starting, but very compromise to go full on sculpting.

So far I've followed some tutorials, and learnt a lot. The problem is that my finger has started to hurt, so I've decided to take a break. I've also read that this is because of clicking so much while sculpting, so I've decided to start the search for a Drawing Display Tablet.

I'm looking for something like the XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro that has a wheel to adjust brush size and strength in the right side of it, perfect for a lefty like myself.

However, this is a bit too expensive for me right now. So, I'm thinking on getting the XP-Pen 15.6 that is more on my budget ($500). The only problem with this one is that i has the red wheel on the left side, so I'll have to drop the stylus to adjust it.

I've never had a drawing monitor, so I'm not attached to any brand. What other alternatives do I have? Ty.