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Is Normalize still something that should be off limits with 2.8?

I remembered in the fundamental of animation course that we went over the features of Normalize. In this video the issue is when you make a change to the curve it snaps back to the default position of being between 1 and -1 when you normalized it. In the fundamentals video it was shown that this issue could be resolved with turning off a certain feature I believe. My question is whether you recommend using the Normalize feature since this problem is gone, or should I continue with the changing the units from degree to radians like the video showed.

  • crew

    Hi Drake, 

    The important thing to realise is that "Normalize" (or Normalise in my country) is just a visual thing when it comes to these curves.

    I think Beorn mentions how he changes it to radians rather than degrees, which is kind of like a semi-normalisation.

    It all comes down to how you like to work.  Try it out for a while and see if you prefer one way over another.

    I prefer to stick with degrees because it makes sense to my brain and I don't normalise because it visually changes the slope (which can throw me off when I'm looking for a spot where the curves are moving too much and I want to adjust)

    This does mean extra zooming around in the GE though.

    But that is my preference.  It's encouraged that you find your preference ;)