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Fire simulation render image

Hi guys, me again :)

I'm trying to make a back ground for my new character and applying the light concepts from JL lessons.

This character is in some sort of a bath, so i pull out some reference images, most were with candles.

So i modeled 3 simple candles and tried to render a flamme. So i simulated and baked a fire on the tip of the candle and pick frame 99 to render, but it doesn't show in the render. It's only showing the UV Sphere. I though i could do that.

Actually, i'm trying to get an end result with blender and do a minimal touch ups in Photoshop, sure i can add this flamme in photoshop, but i want to do it in blender.

I've included screen captures of the work so far. (Character censored :P)

You guys have ideas how i can do this in blender with a render image ... hmmm... i could render maybe 10 frames animation in png format and grab the best one...  that's an idea. Nah... the simulation takes 150-200 frames, that is going to be long. Sorry, talking to myself again.

Thanks for the input, so far the plan is to put the lights in blender and add the flamme in photoshop. :(