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Important question

hey  Jonathan,

I  have laptop  has 12GB RAM  , core i7 processor  and 6 GB GPU Ge force 150x Nvidia  and it doesn't give me performance that i need  specially for animation and VFX can you recommend me  powerful laptop or desktop ? 

and can i  add you on snapchat  just for quick question pls

  • crew

    Hey, that actually sounds like a pretty decently powered laptop! 

    If you're looking for a desktop build, there are some great YouTube videos that cover that

  • I did not ask you to say go  to YouTube  if i want that i know how  can i do it, i asked you to give me your experience if you dont want to help this is another story !

    • Bit rude....He was only trying to help. The CGC forum is a very friendly and helpful community but you may find with an attitude like that you may not get much help. 

    • none your business

    • It's everybody's business when you are posting on a public forum , especially when you are being rude and disrespectful to others. The way you are going on is not going to get you very far in here when you need to ask for more help in the future. 

    • frikkr is a really helpful community member. When coming to ask for help if the response isn't what you are looking for there is a nice way to go about it as he said. We are all here because we needed help with something at the end of the day. 

      Also, since you are posting a question on the forum or in response to a course it opens it up for everyone and in effect it becomes the communiy's business as Frikkr said.

      I you are wanting to personally message someone then you can click on their profile and message the member individually. If you are fine posting a question to the community but want a focused response then use the @ mention.

      Also a good specific title on your question will help the community know what you are talking about. Titles with vague detail such as "Please Help!" or "Important Question" are too vague. A better worded question would be "Recommendation for PC while doing VFX work on complex scenes"

      Good member interaction makes a good community. It's okay to give criticism on feedback but there is a line between constructive feedback and "trolling"

  • crew

    I bought my PC parts four years ago, so what I have personally is out of date! 

    Building a computer for graphics is tough because the question of "how much power do I need" is always subjective once you get past the basics and depends heavily on what part of 3D you want to focus on. CG Geek is probably the best person to ask about this, or check out the benchmarks online: https://opendata.blender.org/ 

  • Thank you Jonathan I like you :)