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Backhoe Contribution - PFBourassa - Loader Bucket

Just starting my individual thread.

  • ppfbourassa. Here is a decent close up of the front of the bucket. There are some unique angles of the 434E on this youtube video:

    • That's a great angle! I re-did mine to bring it closer to this, but there is still work to be done.
      And I shifted my holes around so they match your arms.

    • blanchsb
      My plan is to do the cables in green, and leave the blue stuff off for now. I think they are more closely linked to the arms, and we can attach them during rigging.

      Dog Pound,
      What is your interpretation of the orange areas?
      The flaps on top seem like they might just be there to allow room for the pistons. Not sure if they should move... or how exactly they are attached.
      The thing on the side looks like a control panel, but I don't see what it would be connected to.
      In the photo reference, 1-2 looks like a sticker, so maybe that is too?

    • The side orange piece is the CAT logo

    • The top orange piece is just a cover for the hydraulic as far as I understand it. The 1-2 piece is probably a data plate describing the loader bucket. Containing info like part number, serial number etc.....

      Yeah do the green hydraulic lines. when you work on them can you place a couple of empties where the T-union is going to be where the blue lines join in? Then could you send me the file and I will bring my blue lines over to them so that when we both submit they should just join up.

    • Maybe I can sneak some easter eggs into those stickers :)
      I'll stop at the T-union and place an empty.

    • ppfbourassa I think blanchsb is correct, the top piece looks like a cover. As for how it is attached, at first look I would say it is hinged, and clipped some how to keep it closed. So I found this image which on the nearside shows this part where the flap is but the far side shows it more to the centre of the bucket, so I'm guessing here, this is under the flap. But I could be wrong. This is obviously not a 'to scale' drawing.

      Notice #1 is a pin which passes through the holes on the underside of #2 and also the holes in #4. This doesn't show the cover but it would suggest from the description on the site optional attachments can be attached here.

  • I'm having trouble with shapes like this in a few places. I'm not sure how to get it to subdivide nicely.

    • crew

      I suppose it depends on how rigid you need the triangular edges to be. I think if you added holding edges to them it would smooth nicely as a hard-edged shape.

      Is the smoothing meant to be more broad though? As in not hard edged but more of a scallop? Perhaps posting a photo of the shape you're after will help me give best advice.

    • theluthier It is meant to be sharp. The shape is in the screenshot, but it's just rotated differently. It's actually a little hard to tell what the shape is, but my best guess is a fairly sharp slope inward.

      In this example, I tried creating holding edges by beveling the flat surfaces in a little.
      I think it's giving me trouble because it's inherently triangular, and I'm trying to keep good topology.

    • Here's an example I was struggling with before. I found a hacky solution for this one.

    • crew

      Here's an example trying to match your situation. Starting with the basic shape first:

      This is where I like to select all edges I want hard and use the bevel operator to establish quick holding edges that I can clean up later:

      This gets us most of the way with only the corners needing cleanup. Note the blue arrow pointing to a "utility edge". This is not meant to be hardened but I overshot the triangular corner so the bevel operation is clean as it exits the corner. I can simply collapse this next:

      Add the secondary (magenta) edge loops so the cleanup doesn't stretch awkwardly far. Collapse the upper triangular corner and spread out the lower triangular corner.

      Hope that makes sense. I made a note to possibly demo this example during next week's stream.

    • crew

      Also anytime you want to turn an intentional triangle / wedge into quads you just need to "split" one end of it like this:

      For hard surface I don't think this is strictly necessary since the actual shape *is* a triangle...but for our modeler's OCD it can be solved 😅

    • theluthier Thanks!

      This is the best result I've gotten so far. It still looks curved in a way I don't want, but that might be a problem with my other geometry.

  • Oh man ppfbourassa I need to shift the top pieces on the loader arm over a little. See my forum posting for some of those changes. Sorry bro. It's gonna be the best move I think and I should not have to shift them over again after this.

  • theluthier I haven't brought this up before because I felt weird about advertising on here, but I've started making Blender tutorials as well:

    Since you brought up the possibility of working for CGCookie, I just thought I'd throw an offer out there. 

    Modeling isn't my specialty (hence learning more by working on this digger) but Motion Graphics is, and I'm hoping to fill the gap for grease pencil tutorials as well. Let me know if this is even a remote possibly :)


    • Grease pencil is something I think has gotten a major upgrade in 2.8 but I still don’t know much about it and would love to know more. I’m gonna take a look at your channel ppfbourassa .

    • Yup well worth my time. Great video content Parker. And you  have a great voice! 

    • Thanks Shawn!

      Any specific grease pencil topics you'd like to see?

    • I learned a lot just watching you work. I have to wonder if there are different options for fill though. That seems terribly painful. I'd almost do the stuff in Affinity and then bring it over. Oh.....actually that would be cool to see if there is a way to turn vector graphics into grease pencil. Is that even possible?

    • blanchsb Grease Pencil is being developed pretty heavily still, so I imagine that fill tool bug will get fixed soon.
      I *think* there is a way to import .svg files and convert them to grease pencil.
      You might have to convert to curves, then into grease pencil strokes or something. I need to try it out in the future.

    • Yeah I believe you are right. I think I can convert svg to curves. I will see if I can cover that part in my tutorials actually, but I don't mind you doing the same if your interested. I don't consider anyone stepping on my toes regarding content creation.

      Then curves can be converted to grease pencil if I remember correctly? Maybe I can do some playing around over the weekend and have something fun to present. I have a great icon to demonstrate and there is our DOG logo too!

      There is so much potential with grease pencil that I have yet to tap to be honest. This video told me that I was missing out on something awesome:

      I would love to see this kind of stuff and maybe going from grease pencil to mesh. I know there is content covering this but perhaps you know more gaps than I do since I will be honest that I know very little on the topic.

      I feel like Grease Pencil and 3D workflow is one area that could have some great results when taught correctly.

  • blanchsb I bumped my hoses up to .25 inches, and adjusted the fittings to match. I couldn't find where you asked, but just wanted to let you know.

    • Awesome! I got caught up with car repairs on our van this week and had to do some door work.

      I will make sure my fittings line up to your Tees hopefully by Tuesday.

    • ppfbourassa I have a couple of questions. Is your master file up to date?
      It looks like it still has the boulder.

      Also something strange is that both your WIP and MASTER file have different names for their collections, is that on purpose? No biggie if it is.

      Another thing I noticed is both WIP and MASTER are offset from the world origin for some strange reason.

    • I got my fittings completely lined up with yours after working a little tonight. Should be easy for me to adjust if you make changes now that I have made individual hydraulic tubes and fittings.

    • Another thing I noticed is both WIP and MASTER are offset from the world origin for some strange reason

      blanchsb if I'm not mistaken, you should make sure that your 3D Cursor is at the World Origin when linking, because thigns get linked in with their Empty at your Cursor.

    • blanchsb  I'd been saving to the WIP folder (I think that cuts down on how many times others need to download. Or maybe those are just backups. Anyway...) I saved my latest work to the Master folder now.

      I'm not sure about the name change. Maybe because I started on an older file. I added "MASTER_" to the front of the collection, but I think the DNA will still be different, so may have to link it up again. Sorry about that.

      Also not sure about the offset at all. Definitely not intentional. I put the 3D cursor at 0,0,0 and saved it again. Is the Collection Instance located at 0,0,0? Loading the assembly file on my machine, it looks correct now.

      Fittings look great! Mine look super simple by comparison. Should my cables have the springs around them? The reference is so blurry, I'm having to guess about details like that.

    • Yeah ppfbourassa I think it would perhaps be best to keep the Collection with the same name structure on both the WIP and Master.

      I don’t think yours need the spring guards. My rear hoses don’t have them. They are for the center loader hoses because they are pinch-able and need to be able to extend a lot which makes them susceptible to going places they shouldn’t.

      spikeyxxx I think you are correct. My 3D cursor was probably not at world origin. I thought that linking they would go wherever they originally were in 3D space but that was my mistake.

      funny thing I could clear the location with Alt + A and it snapped back to world origin on

    • crew

      spikeyxxx is right about linked assets being placed wherever the 3D cursor is located.

      I'm not sure about the name change. Maybe because I started on an older file. I added "MASTER_" to the front of the collection, but I think the DNA will still be different, so may have to link it up again. Sorry about that.

      Changing the collection name will break links of that collection in other files. I'll go over how to troubleshoot broken links in the stream tomorrow.

    • theluthier , tomorrow????

      I thought it was next week.

    • crew

      Holy smokes, I've been out longer than I thought. It is next week. LOL I was about to go live to no one tomorrow 😅

      Sorry for the confusion and thanks for setting me straight adrian2301

    • So, yes I was able to confirm it was indeed the location of my 3D cursor that was affecting where your assembly was importing when I inserted it as a linked Collection ppfbourassa

      I adjusted my master copy to make the hydraulics line up better with yours. That part should be done tonight. I also need to make the hinges for the loader arms to bucket transition breach your support wall openings then you can adjust your support walls and shift them over as necessary. I'll try to find time for that tomorrow evening. We have a couple of collisions there.

    • Okay Parker ppfbourassa

      Here's where I yam.

      Got my pins pushed out to show a better interaction with your bucket assembly, but I forget how that interaction is supposed to go down and I am short on time during my vacay? Are you able to help me a little with this part?

      And I noticed this collision. Hopefully you can slide that brace over.

      I'll try to check back in tonight and tomorrow if you have any input for me to change stuff.

    • Hey blanchsb

      I'm not exactly sure how these link up either. From what I can see in the reference, I think the diameter of those holes are closer to my wide holes than what you have. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think we should swing wide.

      I just know they need to form a hinge, so the centers of those circles need to be alignd, and I guess something on either side of the hole to stop them from sliding around.

      As for the collision, those fins are easy to move on the X axis. No biggie.

    • One of the issues is that your Brace's holes are different on each side: One side the hole is small whereas the other side is large. I'll take a look at more reference to see if I can find answers.

    • I'm going to say that on the outside bottom connection for the Outer Bucket Brace: the hole size looks the same as the hole size for the hydraulic lifter. I made the pins the same size already.

      In regards to placement for the braces. I made come commentary in the image below. Hopefully that makes sense.

    • Also just some more reference.

    • ppfbourassa  I have re-updated my pins to hopefully guide where the Bucket Braces need to shift to:

      The inner bucket brace has enough room to go in-between as well.

      I just shifted your whole assembly over in the X direction to show what it "would" look like in both of these pictures

    • My master copy is updated now.

    • blanchsb That makes sense, take a look:

      Top ortho

    • That looks grrrrrrreat Parker ppfbourassa

    • ppfbourassa so after looking closer they need to shift over just a touch more. They are still colliding if I remember correctly.

      also your hydraulic lines need a little adjustment because they are intersecting with your bucket. Sorry for the late catch homie.

    • The green and red from the top ortho photo need to shift left just a smidge and it will fit perfectly!

    • Just read the last couple of comments and let me know if that makes sense ppfbourassa.

    • Hey Parker ppfbourassa. Take a look at this and see if that makes sense. There are intersecting meshes  in 4 places (and then this is mirrored to the other side, so technically there are 8 intersections). They should all be super easy fixes and just a matter of sliding geometry over.

      theluthier Here's another M.O.L.E. item for the google worksheet. I'll add a comment for it but I can't post pics on it.