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Tire Treads Demo

blanchsb  as promised (and everyone else that's interested, of course) a 'small' video going through the principle of the Drivers and Custom Property and how I set it up. I started from scratch and didn't make the exact one from my entry, because I thought that it  would be nice to see the whole process. It's a uncut realtime recording and I am not very good at doing more than one thing at the time (like talking and modelling), so it's not perfect (lots of "ehhh's" and pauses), but real;)

Have fun!


  • crew

    The legend himself, in my ears!

    Spikey, this is an excellent demo. Far superior to my bumbling demonstration on stream. You've got a clever, technical mind. A very impressive 15 minutes 👏👏

    Thanks for taking the time to record this tutorial. I hope you won't mind that I added the video embed to the bottom of your post.

    sshanr It doesn't get better than this.

  • That was an excellent demo, so cool how it rotates just by moving the empty. Great how the scale changes in relation to number of treads to keep a consistent size. sshanr you really need to see this, you will never need to watch another tyre tutorial again.

    theluthier watch out, someone has got there eye on being Top Dog. 

    • Thanks Adrian!

      so cool how it rotates just by moving the empty

      Yeah that was a fun discovery, but wouldn't be useable as a rig the way it is now, because turning the wheel (rotating around the Z-axis) would mess everything up;)

    • How long did it take for you to learn blender

    • sshanr if I remember correctly, I discovered Blender somewhere in 2012. I'm a slow learner, but I use Blender, like at an average of 10 hours a day.

      But I still haven't learned Blender,; there is still sooo much I don't know..

      For me Blender is like life: too big to know everything about it, but I appreciate everything I learn and don't worry about all the things I don't know yet and maybe will never know...

    • spikeyxxx This is the best and cleverest way to create a tyre and keep it easily editable 👍 and it's an excellent tutorial, too 🙂!

    • This is how I felt after I watched this video spikeyxxx 

      Shock and Awe

    • I also just noticed after watching it another time: He doesn’t delete the default cube!

    • blanchsb That was an insider (Blender user) joke;)

    • Great one! :) Simple Deform is awesome. 

    • Yeah,  some other funny things:

      Caps lock when you meant to shift: I do that all the time. My new keyboard lets you turn caps lock off!
      Rotate instead of loop cut (or vice versa): It's like we're brothers in Blender because this is another thing I do all the time!
      Chewbacca grows while making the treads: Classic!

    • Man there sure are some funny "Delete the Default Cube Videos"
      (My personal Favs: 1: Delete Default Cube; 2: What happens to the cube when you delete it )

      This is my favorite meme of Blender Instructional Videos: 

    • What about this one blanchsb Default Cube.

    • Nice one, Adrian!

    • spikeyxxx : I tried to follow the tutorial which you prepared. But even though I have 360° bend. There is gape in the tyre tread. While I did another tyre, it worked there.

      Above tyre tread has a gape. 

      This one worked perfactly.

      Do you know why it happens?

    • rryzen7 I have absolutely no idea how you managed to do that.

      Looks like your original segment is missing. One way to create a gap like that would be to have an angle less than 360°. but even then would the gap not be where it is now.

      My guess is that you used a Count of 18 in your Array Modifier. Now only 17 are visible....Strange.

      Make sure that your segment is straight at the connecting edges, so not something like:

      The beauty of the 'Bend Modifier' is that you can set the angle and 360° is always a full circle (unless you are in a country where they still use a 400° circle...).

      No matter what I try, I cannot accidentally create a gap like that.

      The closest I could get to something like your screenshot is by applying the Modifiers and then deleting the original segment and I don't expect you to have done that.

      Or by using a Curve Modifier instead of a Simple Deform.

      Long story short: I'm clueless!

      (Do you still have that .blend file????)

    • spikeyxxx

      As I explained you that same process worked for the other tyre tread. But not for the CAT tyre. 

      Here is the blend file.


      I have 360° circle. And there was no need to add the segment numbers as I have used the fit curve in Array modifier with offset of 0,52. 

      Can you please take a look?

    • |Make sure that your segment is straight at the connecting edges

      which they aren't!

      That's why I used the Knife Tool to cut straight edges....

      And you are using a Curve Modifier, even before the Array Modifier! What is that supposed to do???

    • spikeyxxx

      Thanks for the quick look. 

      The curve modifier I have used to move the profile to follow the tyre shape. 

      Yesterday late night, I figure out that my segments are not straight, I made it straight then also it did not work for me.

    • Sorry, I missed that the curve was working it that direction, that's okay then;)

      |Yesterday late night

      Sometimes things don't work late at night, try them next morning:

      Pivot Point is set to Active Element and the straighten them out with S, Z, 0.

      Same with the bottom edge:

      Gap is gone!

      Move the top edge down a bit:

      Now maybe you can see why I made a few segments first an then cut on out, instead of just making one segment an getting in all sorts of trouble...

    • Thanks a lot! spikeyxxx

      I see the mistake now. Actually I did the specific shape, so that the treads are not so far away from each other.  But it seems that it does not work for that shape. Your suggestion works.

      Thanks again for helping me out.

    • Hi spikeyxxx

      Actually I missed that I made the straight edges for the other tyre. After you showed it to me. I checkey why the hell it worked for the other tyre and not for the CAT tyre.

    • Here is the complete fix: select the two edges and delete them. 

      Duplicate the treads and move the duplicates up. Shift R to repeat that (so the moving distance will be the same as the first time).

      Connect those pieces like so:

      Make two straight cuts to make one segment and remove the unnecessary vertices:

      Don't forget to set the Relative Offset back to 1:

      Still needs some topology cleanup, but it's a gap-less tyre at least;)

  • Alright I finally got some free time to try my hand at this bad boy! I decided to make a Sand Dune Tire with scoop treadz.

    Here is the cross section: I used the cube and preserved the length. Then I used the Box Cutter addon to do an easy knife cut exactly 1 cube wide to make a tile-able tread.

    I also made a short animation showcasing the adjust-ability of the treads and uploaded to YouTube Here showing the treads changing. So cool spikey. Thanks again!

  • Magic!

  • spikeyxxx the individual origins are not working for me and I don't know why. I checked it in the morning it worked but now it is not working. Can you fix it for me?

    • HI shanr, I do not know why this isn't working for you...

      The Individual Origins Pivot Point work for rotating and scaling.

      It depends on what you have selected.

      It's a bit confusing; think of two Objects, lets say two Cubes. Then each Cube has its own Origin, so it is sort of clear what Individual Origins does in this case; each Cube 'blows up', when scaled up. 

      When you have one Object, consisting of two Cubes, then in Edit Mode and using Individual Origins, with everything selected, scaling up has the same effect, although there is technically only one Origin...

      This is probably not very helpful, so please tell me a bit more about what is not working.