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Antonio's Progress in the 3D world

I'm excited to join the CGCookie community to push myself further into the realm of 3D! My progress may not come from a 100% beginner level, but having something to keep track of where I'm going seems extremely helpful. I've completed a few tutorials on YouTube provided by Blender Guru and Grant Abbit and decided to come to CG Cookie for more focused learning. I'm definitely serious about honing 3D skills for various applications, namely VFX and video work. If I could get some 3D models into games one day, that'd be pretty fun too!

For this log, I'm going to keep track of anything I've created by means of CGCookie.

I'm starting the Fundamentals of Modeling course and I've completed the exercise in primitive modeling. My example here:

I based the pen off of one of my stylus-pens as seen here:

  • Oh, I like this!

    Multiple objects, nice colors, simple, but very effective notebook and the pen is just gorgeous!

    Welcome to CGCookie!

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  • I decided to give a go at making a robot in the Fundamentals of Modeling course. I wanted to add a bunch more detail, but I liked the simplicity far more. I was going for a music-bot kind of thing. Definitely fun to put together!

  • good job looks to be nice clean modelling, keep going...

  • crew

    Welcome Antonio! Those simple objects are looking great. Can't wait to see what you can make by the end! 

  • Great work , you are off to a good start. Keep them coming! 

  • Thanks everyone! Your encouragement means a lot! Keeping a steady pace.

  • I took my time really playing with all of the tools today. After replicating the crate in the Fundamentals of Modeling course, I decided to make my own to put some things to the test. I think I made it a little too busy, but I definitely learned a lot with maneuvering the various tools and how they play together. Here's my crate!

  • |I think I made it a little too busy,

    I don't think it looks too busy, but why don't you look at a really sweat guy, who knows what he's talking about; coffee/ Blender expert 'Gleb Alexandrow'

    • Wow! This is incredibly eye opening. I've always understood this concept with colors and composition for video work, but I've never considered it on the basis of objects. Thanks for sharing this! I'm definitely going to practice that concept moving forward.

  • It's been a while since I've posted an update on my progress, so I figured I'd upload something now! I'm working on the room assignment slowly in-between working from home and other projects. I decided to create a kitchen. I like all of the little objects found in a Kitchen's setting and it could be some good practice. I'm pretty happy with it so far!

    I haven't textured the countertops yet. I plan to add a kitchen table and some chairs, and more various items of course! Taking my time with this is extremely helpful in learning pitfalls and troubleshooting.

  • wow you're getting a lot of detail into that kitchen , great start!

    • Thank you! I really want to make this something I'm happy with rather than to just satisfy the assignment. I'm excited to get more progress on it!

    • While I do love the detail the colors are making the overall look feel "washed out" if that makes sense. And the tile pattern on the left side of the room seems different. Is that intentional?

      Otherwise this is looking really solid antonioc!

      I think some ambient occlusion baking would help this pop a lot. Or perhaps some dirty vertex baking. 

    • I plan on focusing more on colors much later in the process, but I do agree with you. Colors and textures right now are there to give me a feel for things as I build the room. I honestly just slapped a texture on the floor to get started, haha! I think it's just a UV mapping issue and the normal map is too heavy. Thanks for the feedback blanchsb!

    • antonioc lol,; 

      I do that all the time, just putting on a 'placeholder' material, to get an idea of what things will look like and to keep me motivated;)

    • spikeyxxx Absolutely! I do that in nearly every medium I work with, even in video or music. Sort of pre-visualization to a degree, haha.

  • I was able to get more time and added more to the Kitchen! The colors are not final, I just wanted to be able to visually separate the objects in the render. Not sure how I feel about browns in this one. The Island is blocked out for placement, but I plan on detailing it a bit more. I also scaled down the room's walls a little bit.

    Starting to get pretty comfortable with Blender! It feels great being able to figure things out like this.

    • crew

      This is looking great so far! Keep up the good work! If you keep iterating on this and adding detail, it'll end up looking super professional even if each individual object is relatively simple. 

    • Thanks for the encouragement, jlampel! Once I get the 'bigger blocks' of furniture created, I'm looking forward to adding smaller items like pots, pans, and various little kitchen items. Your teachings and encouragement in the course are doing a lot for me, and I also wanted to thank you for that. Onwards!

  • I completed the Room Assignment today and submitted it for grading. I feel the desire to add more, but I think I'm ready to move on from it and learn more. Modeling is definitely far more fun that I thought it would be, and I'm glad I decided to really start learning during these strange times holed up at home. In between my working hours, I've been adding little bits here and there. I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm open to constructive criticism, as I may decided one day to revisit it for a final polish run. Not sure yet, haha!

  • I'm still running through the blender learning flows and enjoying the progress so far. At the end of the lighting course for Cycles, a challenge to make a sunrise or sunset version of what we learned is imposed.

    Here is a sunrise. Thanks for the learnin' jlampel !

  • I've completed the Portrait Light Matching exercise. Here's my references and submission! Lighting in 3D space is a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and coming from a Video Production background, the concepts are very close to the same. Learning a lot, and ready to push into new territory.

    • crew

      These are really great! 

      Captain Marvel

      The rim lighting here is perfect. The light coming from the left could probably be increased a bit and shifted right just slightly as you can see it hits her forehead and chin a bit differently. It's pretty close though. 

      The red light coming from the right could be more saturated for sure though. That's an interesting one because it seems to be coming from the energy that's around her, so it would be easier to recreate with a couple really close but very soft area lights that hit his forehead, cheekbone, and neck. 


      The under lighting could be moved forward a bit so that it's hitting the bottom of his brow like in the reference, but beyond that I think it's spot on. 


      Nailed it. It's simple but effective. 

      Vin Diesel 

      The rim light could probably be moved farther left so that the highlight is balancing out the key light, but that's a nitpick. 

      Overall, very good work and I'm so glad to hear you had fun and learned a lot! 

    • Thanks for the feedback Jonathan! Your mentions across the board all make perfect sense to me. I definitely had a harder time with the Captain Marvel reference, haha! Some of the red light looks 'brushed' on her face, so I wasn't sure how to simulate the red better. I'll take a look into using smaller soft lights to get that effect like you mentioned, that sounds like it'd do the trick.

      Thanks again. Your instruction and resources are invaluable!

  • good job with the lights and placement

  • I took a lot of time to understand how the shader editor works with the 3D Chest course provided by Kent theluthier and modeling it was a lot of fun. Definitely picked up more tips on effective modeling flows. Sharing object data is probably the most important thing I took away from this course, and I can see it saving me HOURS in the modeling and texturing process.

    Also, this course pushed me to purchase my first drawing tablet for the sake of texture painting. I may take up the sculpting lesson again (I was having a very hard time with how unnatural the mouse felt). What a great way to interact with 3D though, I can see a tablet improving my experience quite a bit as it feels natural.

  • That's gorgeous! Great job! 

  • I've been a sponge with all this 3D learning. I ran through the Shaders course by jlampel and it's a lot to take in. I'm very happy with everything I learned, as it's making a lot of the workflow feel far more tangible and opens more possibilities. I think I've learned that shading might be my favorite process (you get to make things pretty!)

    I also rendered the scene with no sunlight. I wanted to see how the lamp and emission textures would feel.

  • Played around with the Generative Modeling techniques. What a great way to interpret how the modifier stack works! It reminds me a lot of how I create various procedural effects in After Effects. Felt right at home with this one.

  • I finally completed the Fundamentals of Sculpting course! I''ll be completely honest here, this was the most frustrating 3D modeling experience for me so far. Working in a free-flow manner was an experience entirely new to me, as I've been primarily a digital artist all my life using a mouse and keyboard. I learned how to use my Tablet quite efficiently throughout this process!

    My biggest struggle was dealing with my mistakes more than actually modeling the Shark. Odd lumps or artifacts would occur that were fairly difficult to diagnose as a beginner. It's also tough to know which tool to use and when during these troubleshooting moments. I'm sure i'll get a better grasp over many sculptures, and I'm still excited to learn more! Thanks theluthier for the fantastic tutorial, I never would have attempted sculpting if it wasn't for your well constructed guidance.

    Here's the result!

    Here's the SketchFab:

    • For a beginner sculpt that is looking quite nice antonioc I would give 1 criticism to the lower fin having a very sharp transition off from the body. Almost looks like a piece of clay separately attached with glue. Smoothing that out just a smidge would probably help a little. Other than that it looks great!

    • That's a good shark! I think you forgot the gills though!

    • blanchsb That's a good point. It should look a touch more sunken maybe? Was trying to make sure the hard line was shown well enough. Thanks for the comment!

      joshcanfield Oh my goodness, you're right! I did the Gills in a pass before, but Blender crashed on me. Thanks for noticing that, haha!

    • Had enough time to update the model with Gills, a much needed feature. I'll play around with the fins if I can get time. Thanks again you two!

    • crew

      I'm so glad you took the plunge antonioc ! Very impressive for a first-time sculptor. Much respect to you for trying (and persevering) through something you're not familiar with ✊

      I remember the frustration of my sculpts never being perfect; fighting bumps and dents the whole time. As a perfectionist this is quite hard for me (and most digital modelers I'd say). Thankfully sculpts can be made perfect with retopology. Take that as something to look forward to in your journey :)

    • theluthier Being a perfectionist definitely added to the frustrations, but in the end it was still a very fun process. I couldn't pull myself away, haha! An example of artifacting that I couldn't figure out is on the lips where there are tiny cracks. Inflate / smoothing wasn't the solution, nor was subdivide collapse vs. subdivide edges modes.

      I've been very interested in retopology and how that works and definitely look forward to learning it.

      Do you have any recommendations on further practice with sculpting and what to look for? 

    • Grant Abbit has some great sculpting lessons for beginners. He's got a bunch of sculpting youtube videos.

      There are plenty of sculpting resources here on the cookie too. But Grant has some Blender 2.83+ recent ones that will make use of the newer tools.

    • blanchsb I remember trying some tutorials from Grant before moving into CG Cookie, I'll have to look into his new stuff. Thanks for the recommend! CG Cookie has been instrumental in getting me on my feet incredibly fast with Blender, so i'm sure those tutorials will be good for brushing up.

    • crew

      antonioc Shawn is right that most of our sculpting + retopo content on CGC was recorded with pre-2.8 versions of Blender. However now that you've completed the 2.8 fundamentals of sculpting course the hope is that you can apply the concepts of older courses with 2.8. This is possible since 3D workflows and concepts evolve much slower than Blender updates.

      We've got tons of sculpting + retopo courses. Here's a list to get you started browsing:

      1. Intro to Retopology to focus on retopo specifically
      2. Game Asset Learning Flow to see the process in a broader workflow
      3. Intro to Character Modeling to see in a character-specific workflow

      If you find it too difficult to apply older course concepts with current Blender then I second Shawn's suggesting about Grant Abbit on YT! Also don't hesitate to ask questions here on the relevant videos.

    • theluthier Thanks for the excellent answer, Kent! My worry was that the 3D workflow would be different in older courses, but hearing what you've said is reassuring to give older content a try. I'm definitely comfortable with the 2.8 interface now and seem to be able to find where things are between differing versions, so if the workflow is the same, I'll give these a go!

      Ya'll are the best. Pushing onwards!

    • crew

      My worry was that the 3D workflow would be different in older courses

      This is a common and valid concern. You can trust that at CGC we will retire content that is truly obsolete either A) based on such an old version of Blender that it's too difficult to follow or B) taught techniques and workflow have been made obsolete by new techniques/workflow.

      As often as CG / Blender updates and new tech is invented, it's surprising how little the core workflows have changed in the past 10 years I've been doing CG.

    • Thanks theluthier ! You've definitely instilled confidence within me to work with older teaching materials. I'm especially glad to hear you and the team actively archive anything that'd be genuinely obsolete. Definitely happy to be a member here 😎