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Need help duplicating the rig in 2.8

In the rig demo video, you enable selection and visibility for all of the different ball types, then you can just select the rig and all the balls together with a box select and duplicate it.

I can't get that to work in 2.8. When I enable visibility and selectability in the UI, on the active ball type from the rig UI is shown and selectable.

Then when I duplicate what I do have, it creates the new ball object in the same collection as the original, breaking the drivers for both rigs.

Help please. 

  • crew

    Hi Dave,  you can use the provided 2.8 files that are downloadable with the animation bootcamp.

    However, I think you can now just duplicate the entire collection (from 2.81 I think)

    • Aha! Awesome. You might want to add that to the description for this video and the multiball rig demo, coz it's a little different than the way you were doing it in 2.77. But thanks for the quick answers man, I really appreciate it. 

    • And just to confirm, duplicating the entire collection does work flawlessly.