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About Solidify Modifier

Hi can any one help me with Solidify Modifier?

there is no double vertex and normal seems fine, no vertex group, but have strange intersection on the thickness corner.

  • crew

    I'm having a hard time picturing what the solidify modifier is doing here. Can you share the file? 

    • Sure.

      jellyfish-solidify modifier

      I have test solidify modifier on other shapes and it work  fine. I don't know which part i did wrong.

    • I wouldn't worry too much about that; that is the nature of the Solidify Modifier, it works fine untill you 'break it'. When you bring Faces which have some thickness due to the Solidify too close together, you can get intersections like you get here:

      Luckily you follow the Solidify with a Subdivision Surface Modifier, with  the Render set to 2 subdivisions, which make the same thing look like this:

      This looks totally fine when zoomed in like this, but when rendered it will be  more something like this far:

      and nobody will ever know;)

      So I'd say, just continue, it's looking great so far!

    • crew

      Spikey is right, I wouldn't worry about it for this project. In other situations when this behavior is causing bigger issues, I'll try toggling the Even Thickness and High Quality Normals options in the modifier's UI:

    • Hi

      Thank you all for reply.

      Now i know Solidify Modifier limitations, so I remodel the shapes into less curly and with vertex painting greatly improve the outcome. 

      I wish to use blender create printable model ,so any intersection will be a problem for 3D printing.  Is still long way to there so i'm not worry about it for now.