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But I don't want to do it again...

lol... I had this issue when I started this journey in not wanting to do multiple models. How very unrealistic of me that was, for I will be forever (re)modeling stuff - or retopologizing (which in essence is modeling again). Boy did I get I wake up call.

Now, it's trying to motivate myself do be on the computer for an hour each day and work myself up to doing it as if I were approaching a part time to full time job (foro it's what I'd really like to focus on).

Enjoying the tutorial thus far. Thank you for making this.

  • crew

    Hi Scott, maybe you added this to the wrong video?  I don't do any modelling (or re-modelling) at all in the FOA haha

    So I can't help in that regard, but I can help with the motivation.

    You can think of all your training and effort as a means to get to the next level from where you already are.  You can't really jump from level 0 to level 10 in one go.  So don't aim for for level 10, aim for whatever level you're at now +1.

    All your errors, mistakes and failures are actually really necessary for learning.  They all add up to get you to that next level. (provided you actually learn from your mistakes haha)

    You can do it!  

    • Nah waylow... I was using the modeling reference as a reference to my days of not wanting to model things multiple times. I realize now that I'll always be modeling things multiple times. Theh same I gather that I'll be animating a scene multiple times. Just joking around "but dad, I don't wanna do it". lol.