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My 1st attempt following along with instruction vids

I feel pretty good about this but I still feel I have tons to learn & wont feel like a whole hearted pat myself on the back till I can do majority of it w/o instruction. Struggled on the neck (still not looking right to me) and the ear big time.  Oh the lower eyebrow / forehead area shape doesnt look right to me but i couldn't figure out what it was.     Anything you see i can improve on plz let me know.   Its often tough to tell if the shapes are correct on things like neck, check , where the eye & nose connect ... 

  • crew

    Hey, awesome work so far! This is looking really good. 

    For the forehead, try selecting the area around the three sided pole and using smooth. You could also try making the edge loop that runs from that pole to the eye less curved like a balloon and more straight by pulling it in a bit. 

    The brow I think could be improved by spreading out the spacing of the quads right at the top of the bridge of the nose. Since they're a little cramped there it's causing some minor pinching. I also think that pulling his cheekbones out a little bit could help make the side of the brow make more sense in relation to the eyeball. 

    Hope that helps and keep up the great work!

  • THANKS!  I will try those things this afternoon!  After posting this I remembered matcap  shading so i'm trying different colors to see what helps me see the shapes best.