Leonardi Caraballo (leonardi)

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full modeling tutorial of a character like this one? coming soon?

THIS is the best character model here on cgcookie, I HOPE there are character like this one coming soon for tutorials on how to model, rig and animate

we are talking about commercial quality characters for blender! I love to see that!

you have enough talent to do it :)

ok, just dreaming............ back to practice....

  • crew

    Hey leonardi, I'm pleased you're enjoying the model! dannymac really did a great job on this one. We don't have a full character planned, but perhaps one day. Happy Blending! 

  • When you say commercial quality, I assume you mean something more along the lines of a film rig? Something to do acting or lip sync shots with? With the right people, it could be a fun team/community project. ;)

    • Yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes, this is what I'm talking about.

      Imagine character animators creating demoreels and animated shorts with these characters, I HATE using Maya for character animation, period. BUT, only in Maya you can find nice character rigs like Malcolm, Mery, Bonnie or Ray rigs with "Disney or Pixar" appeal and quality sadly. Probably why there is not "Acting" tutorial here.......... there is no rig to do it again sadly..... good to talk to Wayne about this jejeje 

      You can follow my topic on twitter where I talk with 2 pro animators like Wayne Dixon......you now Wayne right? :) and Luciano Munoz ....

      Twitter post about character rigs for blender