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Noob question, Loop cut not working

Working on the modeling exercise and I notice that when I bevel the box then check the vertices only box in the tools panel,(makes the boxes edges appear to be cut off.) I can no longer create loop cuts on that box mesh. Also find it that the loop cut is difficult to work with on the cone mesh as well, it makes like diagonal cuts. Sorry I have no pictures to reference this stuff. Thanks for any help given. 

  • Sounds like a topology issue.

    Explaining that in a quick post is not possible so I suggest you watch the topology courses on here.
    They are easy to understand and give you  a very good overview of a clean topology and how to manipulate loop cuts.

    In some cases I guess it could also be multiple vertices overlapping each other, so try removing all double vertices by selecting your entire mesh, then pressing W -> Remove all doubles.

  • rioville  When you select "vertices only" you are generating something like below:

    As captioned, there's no quad (4 sided face) available so that means there's nothing to use the loop-cut tool on, as it only relies on quad.

    To fix this, you could for exemple select vertex A and B and join them (J key), do the same with vertices C and D and then you have quand that are "loopcut-able". Be aware that you will still have triangles on the corners:

    You have similar issue with the cone also because it's only trias based.

    Hope that helps!



  • Ahh ok I see. Thanks to both of you def will give that topology course a look over and will also try the join trick.  Thank you both again for your help and cant wait to start showing off my projects!